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Final Year Project

The Final Year Project is a major component of the undergraduate degree course in Electrical Engineering. The main objective is to develop problem solving, analysis, synthesis and evaluation skills in the field of Electrical Engineering. While working on the project, the students would also be able to develop personal and social skills such as time management, self-confidence and interaction. The evaluation of the Final Year Degree Project indirectly provides the students with training in technical and communication skills.

The Final Year Degree Project is implemented in two semesters, that is, semester 7 (1 credit hour) which is Final Year Project 1 and semester 8 (5 credit hours) which is Final Year Project 2. Students should prepare their work schedule and adhere to it so that the project would be completed within the two semesters. Students must keep a logbook to record their progress and the supervisor should initial the logbook. Students and supervisor should meet regularly so that the progress of the project could be monitored. Supervisors are advised to ascertain the standard and quality of projects carried out. For the degree level, a good project should include a fair amount of design and synthesis, some form of hardware or software implementation, followed by measurement and data acquisition.

The work progress for both semester 7 and 8 will be assessed by the project supervisor. During semester 7, students are required to attend Research Methodology classes as part of Final Year Project 1 evaluation. At the end of semester 7, students are required to submit a proposal to the supervisors.

Upon completion of the project at the end semester 8, students will demonstrate their projects to their project supervisors and there will be a question and answer session during the demonstration. Students are also required to produce a technical paper based on the project. The technical paper and presentation will be evaluated by a panel of evaluators from members of the Faculty. Students are also required to produce a complete report on the project conducted. The length of the report should be between 50 to 100 pages. The report will be evaluated by the supervisor.

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