Mission and Purpose

The Alumni Committee of FKE is a non-profit organization whose aim is to establish a 'two-way' networking between the faculty and its alumni community. As the committee members, we sincerely welcome our alumni who are willing to collaborate by providing and sharing their expertise in the manner of advisers, or acting as advocates for improving academic programs offered by the faculty.


The Alumni Committee is tasked with the following missions:

  1. promoting the welfare of the university by cultivating a mutually beneficial relationship between the faculty and its increasing community of alumni.
  2. providing and supporting alumni programs, services and network.
  3. facilitating communication between alumni.
  4. strengthening alumni bonds of fellowship, professional association and university affiliation.
  5. encouraging alumni engagement in the life of the university while serving as advocates or advisers for the university.
  6. coordinating activities for advancing the university’s academic, research and outreach programs.