UiTM FKE Face Shield Fabrication for Frontliners

Covid 19 has triggered a phenomenon that has affected the daily lives of the world including those living in Malaysia. To date, the government has imposed a movement restriction order on people until 14th April 2020 to keep them at home in an effort to curb the outbreak. This not only affects the lives of everyday people but also the students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FKE), UiTM.

Students are constantly keeping up with the news of the outbreak through mass and social media channels. Following the news, students expressed their respect for the sacrifices of the Ministry of Health Malaysia as a front line in the fight against the outbreak. Therefore, students from the Invention and Robotic Club (IRoC) association were called in to assist with the idea of ​​innovation to produce their own face shield designed for use by MOH staff.

With help from the advisor, Ts. Dr. Noorfadzli Abdul Razak and Ts. Samshul Munir Muhammad while supported by the Dean, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Hjh. Juliana binti Johari as well as FKE Student Affairs Unit, this idea has been successfully implemented. A total of 120 face protection units have been successfully manufactured using 3 3D printers at FKE's Dream Factory Lab. The materials used to build this face protector are transparent PVC plastics, rubber bands and ABS and PLA type plastic filaments. These students also use several social media applications to connect with one another. They systematically organize the way they work and where those at home will assist in the production of this face protection design. Meanwhile, the students in the hostel will assist in printing and installing these protective components. The resulting face protection will be delivered to the Sungai Buloh Hospital for the benefit of their staff. It is hoped that these small efforts will do little to help the country deal with the outbreak. In addition, this effort can also be a motivation for students at UiTM and other institutes to help the country in its own way.