On 18 May 2020, Center for Power Electrical Engineering Studies (CEPES) on behalf of Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) had an opportunity to give charity to 37 Asnaf and orphan students in Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen Enam Shah Alam. Each student received RM110 duit raya. We want to extend our sincere gratitude for all FEE member and family’s contribution to “Kegembiraan Syawal Milik Semua” event.

Special thanks to PIBG SK Seksyen Enam. Your generous gift will have a major impact on helping them celebrating Aidilfitri. We want to thank you for helping us make a positive difference. Your support encourages our continued commitment to reaching our goal on this event. We hope to continue this event for Ramadhan 2021, InsyaAllah. Thanks again for your generosity and support.