Congratulations to Mohamad Khairul Hafizi bin Rahimi for being awarded the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Scholarship (2020/2021)

Congratulations to Mohamad Khairul Hafizi Bin Rahimi for being awarded one of the country’s most prestigious and coveted scholarship, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Scholarship. More than 2000 hopeful candidates applied for the same scholarship, 700 were shortlisted and were required to submit video presentations of their research. Of the 700, only 60 were called for interview. Finally, only 12 of the brightest minds in the country were selected to receive the scholarship.

Looking at his present-day achievement, it is hard to imagine Mohamad Khairul Hafizi being anything less than a sterling student. However, his current success had humble beginnings. It was only after receiving unfavourable grades in his SPM, he became determined more than ever not to let his past became his future. Hence his journey towards excellence began when he was doing his diploma in UiTM Dungun.

When asked his secret to success, his answer was simple. To be great in academics, teach others. His passion for teaching his friends proved to be beneficial to him when he became even better in his academic performance.

Even though Hafizi was focused on getting good grades, he was never one to shy away from participating in clubs and activities. On the contrary, he was very much involved and an active student. He was president of the FIKIR club and even founded Kiosk @ FKE, during his two years tenure.

Congratulations again Mohamad Khairul Hafizi Bin Rahimi from all of us at FKE. We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavours.