List of Projects that have been commercialized in Faculty of Electrical Engineering

  Tile of Project Project Leader Description
1 Compact Distillation Unit Prof Madya Dr. Hezri Fazalul Rahiman The Compact Distillation unit is a machine developed by a research team from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, UiTM Shah Alam. Started in 2005, the research has matured and able to produce a machine that capable of performing steam extraction in a more simplified manner and efficient. Targetted at low cost manufacturing, the machine is capable of performing extraction that comparable to the existing traditional system. The machine is also powered with domestic utility specifications such as 240Vac single phase with 1.5kW rating, which made the machine suitable to be operated to rural areas with limited power supply. Equipped with preset timer, the machine can be left autonomous until the task completed.

Easy Access Attendance Management System (EAMS)


Prof. Madya Dr. Ahmad Asari Sulaiman (EAMS) is an attendance management software that helps to record the student’s / user attendance quickly and efficiently. With EAMS, students/user only need to flash their Student’s Card to the barcode reader to record their attendance which make the process easier and faster. EAMS attendance name list can be save into one file just like Microsoft Office files. It also can load the saved files in other computer using the same software. The attendance name list can be imported from Microsoft Excel document files which save time EAMS provide a full analysis of the attendance by list out the students who absent automatically in detail. This analysis can be exported to Microsoft Excel document files. EAMS will collect the attendance of the participants, store the data and produce an analysis.


List of Projects that have potential for commercialization

  Project Leader Title of Project
1 Prof. Datin Ir. Dr. Shah Rizam Mohd Shah Baki Socket Outlet
2 Prof. Datin Ir. Dr. Shah Rizam Mohd Shah Baki Mobile and Real Time Monitoring Water Quality
3 Prof. Datin Ir. Dr. Shah Rizam Mohd Shah Baki/ En. Fuad Abdul Latip Employee Performance Versus Attitude Tracker (EPVAT)
4 Prof. Dr. Ahmad Maliki A Simple I-V Curve Tracer For Pv Module Characterisation
5 Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Tarmizi Ali A Fabrication of Leucaenna Leucochephala stem Bio Composite material for Antenna Substrate
6 Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Tarmizi Ali Design of Plasma Antenna for Wi-fi Application
7 Dr. Mohamad Huzaimy Jusoh Development of Low Power Wireless Magnetometer for Real-Time Geomagnetic Monitoring